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Affirmation cards to elevate you everday!


Use these affirmation cards everyday to boost your mood, manifestation processes and keep your self image strong! Each pack has 25 unique cards with an affirmation on them.


Repeat the affirmation to yourself either morning, night or throughout the day! Take one with you in your wallet or pocket to have a positive reminder each time you see it.


  • A great gift! - give the gift of a positive mind
  • Excellent way to get away from screens for 10 minutes
  • Shuffle the deck each day/week/month and pick out a card or read them all at once!
  • Portable size and easy to take with you
  • Keep on your desk or nightstand to spread good vibes in your environment
  • Perfect for the upcoming festive season; a great secret santa present!

Affirmation cards

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