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Join me for a 1-1 coaching call regarding improving your mindset and self-image. I help clients to improve self-image and build a strong mindset to live a fulfilling life. I help build self-confidence and high self-esteem to have great releationships, finances/career and health!


This is a 30 minute zoom call which I will set up after confirmation of purchase. Feel free to ask me about your main pain points or a goal and we can work on your mindset to get there. Remember your mind is a muscle and needs training regularly! Most of the people you aspire to be like have got where they are with a positive and solid mindset!


If you wish to also see yourself move into their position, this coaching call is a great way to start off your journey.


The 30 minute call includes:

  • A deep look into how you can reach your goals with mindset
  • Personsalised activities from the founder of Temple Of Sunshine for you to work on
  • A personalised worksheet from the call for you to work on
  • Follow up emails to assess progress

1 -1 mindset coaching call

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