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Why affirmations work

Are you new to affirmations or wondering why you affirmations have been completely changing your life recently? Look no further - here is your guide why they work!

Lets start by defining an affirmation because even if you are not new to affirmations, it always good to go back to basics! This my personal definition by the way:

Affirmation = A phrase repeated to oneself to make oneself believe in a positive or better reality

I have focussed on a positive or a better reality in my definition because this is exactly why we use them in the first place. Using an affirmation is generally to improve your daily life, mindset and mood! It is simply that. Saying affirmations to ourself everyday helps us start to believing in the words being repeated to ourself! This, over time and many repetitions of this process, will make us truly believe the words and it will finally become our identity!

For example, a common abundance affirmation is "I am a money magnet". When repeated to ourselves on day 1, feels silly or even fake. After 3 days, it starts to feel slightly more normal but still foreign to our own identity! After 7 days, it becomes our routine and we start to feel good about this affirmation. It lifts our mood and self esteem. After 21 days it is an ingrained habit but also, it is working!! We see money manifesting into our lives in greater quantities!

Wow, but how does that work exactly?

Affirming something over and over, especially beyond the 21 day mark, helps us re-write our subconscious belief. We change our old belief that we repel money and it never makes it's way into our pocket to "Oh my gosh I am a money magnet!!". Our subconscious mind is now convinced we are money magnets.

This works through the great law of attraction - click here to actually understand more about that in detail!

When our subconscious mind is agreement with a belief then it manifests into our life as attract the beliefs we have. Affirmations in your life have been working the whole time but probably for negatives or subtle things you never noticed. Maybe you are someone who thinks to yourself that you find parking spaces really easily wherever you go (even when busy) or maybe you are someone who believes that you can eat all you want and not gain weight. After thinking these things for a long time and it becoming a belief; you have always manifested this through the law of attraction - WITHOUT trying!

Many of us repeat negative affirmations to ourselves everyday: "I am so stupid", "no one likes me", "I am so ugly", "Nothing good ever happens to me" or "I never achieve what I want in life". This has also been manifesting throughout your life because you have believed these statements to be true!

Positive affirmations can fix that! Start today by affirming positives and see after 21 days how much your life changes. I promise you they will put you in an overall better mood but also improve outcomes in your daily life.

A great way to start on these affirmations is to get these affirmation cards. These are a great way to keep your affirmations with you at all times. Shuffle through the deck morning, night or throughout your day/week to get 5-10 mins of affirmations in. Persevering with the pre-made affirmations will definitely change your life and your outlook on it!

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