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If you are still sceptical about the Law of Attraction, read this!

For those of us who rely much more on logic and reason, it can often be very hard to open our arms and embrace a spiritual and very wishy-washy concept! How can it be that you just say something, and it happens? And surely if we all sat around visualising and daydreaming then everyone would be a millionaire with their perfect life? I of course understand your very valid point(s), but let us unpack this a bit!

How does it work exactly?

Humans, plants, animals and all solid matter (streets, cars, my laptop) are all made of atoms – a scientific fact. Atoms carry energy, still and hard matter of course has less but humans and plants have more energy. We have energy of course in movement but just in our atoms themselves (atoms in living beings would be cells – I assume! (A level biology was a long time ago for me guys!!)).  If we take the previous sentences as fact, now we imagine your dream car or dream home or dream partner, can we no also agree they are made of atoms and therefore energy? Yes? Well that explains one basic fact of this universe – EVERYTHING is energy.

I want you to stop viewing anything as a permanent or “real” – the economy, your bank balance, your clothes, your relationships, and your body itself! They are all atoms and compounds made of energy which have ALL got the ability to change. 

The law of attraction suggests that like attracts like. Simply that, if we create a vision in our mind of the dream car we want, we are putting energy behind that ideal. That car being energy, can be drawn to us if you think and BELIEVE it is ours. Now I know you at still sceptical because how can the atoms of a car be drawn to you just by thinking about it?

Your thoughts and beliefs are the key!

Let’s get some basic definitions out the way:

A thought = something you choose to think of (not those involuntary thoughts or weird contradictory voices in your head – we will discuss that in the future!)

A belief = a thought that has been thought many times over and is now something you believe to be true

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne explains that if your thoughts are wired toward believing your desire is yours then it is bound to become a truth. Have you ever randomly thought of a friend you have not spoken to in a while and suddenly days later you see them pop up on your phone or see them when out and about? Have you ever jokingly made a comment that a situation is going to get worse in your life and then it does? Exactly as you imagined it too. This is because your mind puts its energy behind an outcome and you attract that energy towards you. Almost like attracting those specific atoms towards you.

9 times out of 10, common people like you and me have used this to manifest negatives! When we have stressed and stressed over something and even prayed that is does not happen but then it does – that is the law of attraction at work. Your energy is going behind a situation or object and you are drawing it towards yourself. You are calling for energy to form in a certain way – as atoms, towards you. Our mind is INFINITELY powerful! It can attract anything – ANYTHING.

So how do I use this so called “energy” to my benefit?

So now we understand the basics of why everything is energy and what thoughts and beliefs are, how do we fuse them to make excellence you ask? Think about anything you want as energy. Even the smartest and biggest of scientists know that everything is an illusion – a chair only works because it’s atoms are attracted to each other in such a way that it is a) solid and b) can handle your weight. This happens due to the ENERGY between atoms. So really, the wooden chair is an illusion, its simply many atoms (energy) formed together to work.

Now our thoughts are energy too, our thoughts are actually electric impulses that shoot through our brain. When we channel these electric impulses towards being positive, happy and joyous then they vibrate at a higher frequency (faster). Imagine when you are happy – you have more energy; you are sprightlier and up for anything! When sad/depressed/unhappy we are slower, take longer to do basic things and less receptive.

Now these high vibrations i.e. a good mood (simply put!) attract more and more high vibrational energy. We tend to attract happier people and more situations we want. We tend to be put in the paths of individuals on the same vibrational level as us or our desire. Our desire would only add to this happy mood, right? So WE ATTRACT more and more of these good things, including our desire because “like attracts like”. 

So I can just focus on a good mood and attract stuff I want? Are you sure?!

Absolutely, it is that simple. Now of course, there’s a few exceptions such as getting rid of your negative beliefs and blocks but simply starting to feel good more often is a start! When we are high vibrational we are attracting that job, that car, that bank balance etc into out life as we align with that energy of atoms. We get on that level of vibration as that thing we want. It usually works by connecting several people to put something in your way – like lets say someone sells your dream car at the time you are looking, it falls in the hands of the right dealer who puts it at the right price for you!

If you are wondering that how can all of this work just tailored to you and your life goals, it doesn’t. When all people in one transaction are involved, you are usually all on one vibrational frequency (take it back to the energy point). You all usually need each other and have a mutual benefit – that is how the law of attraction works (like a mystical matchmaker). When depressed or unhappy you’ll notice you come across more bad situations and also people who are also in your low mood. Things snowball from one bad occurrence to another until you start yelling “WHY ME?” – the answer is you’re attracting low vibrations just like your own.

Start now by trying to manifest something simple – set an intention to manifest a cup of coffee or a button and BELIEVE it will happen. After that make sure you have some activities queued up that will make you happy – exercise, seeing friends, eating out etc. But most of all, BELIEVE it will happen!

Still a sceptic or need more of this positive content? Follow TempleOfSunshine on Instagram for videos on law of attraction, positivity and living your best life!

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