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How to use the law of attraction to get what you want

So you have now seen me talk about the law of attraction but also manifesting in general quite a bit (and if you haven't then click here!) but now you are maybe wondering what is the actual process to use this law. Look no further, here is a simple step by step guide:

Step 1 - ASK!

One of my favourite books on the law of attraction (LOA), is Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The reason being is that the title has it all - literally no need to read further (although you should! - Great book). Truly, it is that simple; ASK and it is GIVEN.

So step 1 is to simple ask for what you want with no judgement, no fear or reservations. Loudly declare your desire! In your mind declare exactly what you want with as much detail as you can give it "I want X car in X model in X colour with X number plate year" OR "I want to get into X university and do X degree". So now we know what we want and we are accepting we want it (often we are too scared to ask for what we want; more blog posts on this to follow). Be bold and be specific.

Now lets just switch that statement from "I want" to "I have/I am". The law of attraction works by giving you what you believe you already have (putting it simply). So now take the exact statement and change the I wants to I haves or I ams:

"I have X car in X model in X colour ..."

"I am a student at X university studying for my degree in X".

Step 2 - Add a little feeling

Now that you have gone through the mental thrill of saying you already have your desire... how did it feel?

Sprinkle in the extra ingredient which will spice up your whole manifestation soup - feeling! Think about the feeling you got when saying your I have/I am statement and add it onto your request:

"I have X car in X model... and when I drive it I feel so happy and I love the smooth drive!"

"I am a student at X university ... and I feel so proud! I feel successful and I am so happy I get to study for my dream degree!!"

Write down the whole sentence with feeling and little extra details. Now say it out aloud when alone or even with company if you feel confident! Smile while saying it, or even clutch your chest with relief if that is what you believe it will bring you!

Step 3 - Send it out into the universe

Treat this step like an online order. Like hitting "order" and not having to worry about it anymore. Initially, I used to say "Dear universe, Thank you that I have X car in X model ..." and this a great way to start.

As you get more confident and well versed in manifesting you will simply just lightly say thank you for your desire and move on with you day and it WILL happen when it is time.

Step 4 - Let it go and have faith

Now this is where people fail but also get angry that the law of attraction doesn't work! Those feeling this lack of manifestation or frustration have NOT let their desire go and are extremely focused on it or attempting to prove the law of attraction wrong. If you go into this thinking it won't happen, then it WONT; that is the law of attraction at work in itself! It won't attempt to prove you wrong because what you believe is what manifests!

Remember I said treat this as an online order? What do you do after clicking order/pay/confirm? Do you incessantly check every minute to see where your order is? No, you just trust that it will arrive in however many days the shipping takes! You must do the same with the mystical marketplace that is the universe - have unshakeable faith! Even if it feels silly or delusional.

So now sit back, relax and distract yourself from your desire. If you are super good at this, you will just simply let it go. This doesn't mean you don't care, just that you have let go of you attachment to this outcome!

If you can't let go, just get busy. Whatever you do, do not start picking at the process and say "This isn't working" or "where is it??!" just let it take however long it takes. Some things are supposed to manifest a little later. Timing is everything. But you must have faith in the universe and the law of attraction. Doubting it is the exact reason why things do not manifest for so many who try.

Step 5 OPTIONAL - Add in some extras if you want

You can now do some of the following techniques to add to your desire manifesting:

Click the links to find out more about each of those topics!

Step 6 - Receive!

Some things may be instant, for example a text, a cup of coffee, a phone call or a confirmation of something. Some things of course will take a little time for example a promotion, an engagement or a new home!

Go about your day or life as usual but keep you vibration up i.e. stay happy! Commit to being happy each day by doing at least one thing that is for you and makes you genuinely happy. To add boosters of excitement of the desire do the 3 extras listed above.

One day or later that day you will be going about your day and you will manifest you desire. This simply means what you have asked for will literally appear in it's physical form in front of you! The only caveat to this was that you had to have faith it would happen and have stayed in a good mood!

Easy right?

If you are still a little skeptical read this and try manifest something small like a cup of coffee, call/text from a distant friend or even a button!

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