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As a man thinks, he becomes

I'm sure you have heard of the saying "as a man thinks, he becomes" and I cannot stress how true this is. Just in the way people say "you are what you eat" you are exactly what you think! Just in the way the molecules the food is made up of will break down to give us energy and absorb into our bodies, our thoughts and what we say to people in conversation embed themselves deeply into our subconscious mind and therefor our identity.

You know what I am going to say next - if our thoughts and words make our identity; we MUST shift to making them positive. Every single little thought has a huge impact. It is an energy in itself. All great things in your life today all started with one little thought! Think about it: if you love the job you are in, you had to think that there is a good job out there for you and apply to the one you have now! Or lets say you have an amazing partner; you would have had to at some point thought of what a great partner is to you!

Let's say your life is the opposite however, you hate your job and are looking for someone/in an unhappy relationship. This has - and as much as I KNOW YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS, started with a thought!

But how does my awful boss or partner mean I thought this into existence?!

It is not that you kept thinking about the notion of a bad partner or boss/job. At some point you would have formed an identity through negative self-talk or thoughts regarding yourself. At some point down the line, maybe deep down in childhood, you would have set certain statements about yourself as true in your subconscious. Maybe it is something as simple as "I am so annoying" or "I am difficult" - this would have expanded into like thoughts and built a network of thoughts building an identity of how you see yourself. This identity stuck in your subconscious is manifesting as your bad relationship or lack of one.

Perhaps throughout life you have been walking around telling yourself and people that it takes many hours and hard work to make good money. Maybe you have growing up, told yourself that work is not a "fun" thing. Work is work, the weekend is my time to have fun. This once again forms your identity as someone who lives for the weekend/time off and will be in the trap of hating your role. You may get a new shiny great job, but will spiral to this same state of dissatisfaction again - UNLESS, you change your thinking!

Watch what you say to people on a daily basis

Do the following sound like things you say/have said in the past?

  • "With my luck it won't work out" - Blaming outcomes on external powers or "luck"

  • "I am forever alone (haha)" - Self deprecating humour

  • "I am ugly/fat/annoying/undesirable" - Putting yourself down either to fit in/be relatable or really maybe you do feel down about yourself

  • "I am so broke, I can't come to dinner" - You may say this whether you are "broke" not, or because you want to save OR you are trying to be relatable

  • Filling awkward silences with "I am SO tired" - Just to avoid awkwardness?

  • "oh it's no big deal/nothing really" - Usually this is when you get a compliment

I could go on and on but these are a few! Now for the main point:


We have been conditioned to put ourselves down in conversation to be relatable and "humble". Due to this, we often spew awful sentences like the above as we don't want to appear smug, arrogant or sometimes we try to hide our success and talent from people in fear! We must stop this immediately because as soon as you say/think something, it is ready to manifest! Also, it is not what we actually want.

How do I prevent these bad thoughts/statements manifesting?

Before you freak out at the above statement, remember that positive forces have a much stronger manifesting power than bad ones. If you say the above statements but are FEELING good, it shouldn't manifest or manifest easily anyway. Only through continued thought and lack of optimism can a negative manifest.

If you are thinking, "But negative manifests constantly in my life?" - it is because you are constantly in a state of dissatisfaction with life. You do not allow yourself to expect good from it. Due to this, it has become your identity: someone who is unlucky, unhappy, always trying but never achieving! Trust me I was this person myself.

How did I switch it around? Made EVERY thought that I could positive and aligned to what I do want not what I don't want. I stopped in conversation saying things that were negative like "I am so broke" or "it won't work out for me" and started to replace these statements with "I'm sure it'll be ok" or if I was feeling very confident then "I know things are working out for me".

Of course, it is exhausting monitoring EVERY thought. So try to ensure you monitor and change as many as you can. When you catch a negative thought in its tracks, immediately affirm a positive instead. So let's say you get a floating thought of "Oh I would love my manager's job but I am just not a great manager or talented enough". SWITCH THAT IMMEDIATELY to something like "I already have what it takes to be successful, I will be guided to the right role for me".

As much as you can, work on your mindset and see how your identity changes along with your thoughts! I have a whole Instagram page full of how you can shift your thoughts to good ones and how you can manifest ANYTHING:

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