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Hit the mindset gym - Your mind is a muscle!

What is a mindset gym you ask? Well, it is where you go to train your mind; your most important muscle! I say your mind is a muscle because you must work on it like one to see it grow strong. I got this concept initially from Jen Sincero, an amazing author of the book You are a badass! I have expanded on the concept and changed the name slightly to get more people to open up to it. Keep reading to understand how we can train our mind in a mindset gym!

What and where is the mindset gym?

Of course the gym is a fictional place but I want you to imagine you are travelling there and it is a separate space to your usual thoughts. Separate any activities you do in the mindset gym away from your daily thoughts so that you know you are actively doing an exercise which you KNOW is bringing you a positive outcome. Just like you do not count walking around your house or around your workplace the same as walking on a treadmill at the gym/running as a workout, I would treat the mind work you do separate to your regular thinking.

The mindset gym is simply you taking out a certain part of your day to work on your mindset - to make it stronger, to have unshakable self-belief and to trust your intuition with ease. The same way in if you do many bicep ad tricep activities, lifting heavy items comes with ease. Same with your mind; train it hard enough and you will manifest and have a positive outlook effortlessly.

What can I do at the mindset gym?

You probably already know what I'm about to say:

More examples can be found in this video here!

How long should I visit the mindset gym?

This is completely up to you. As someone deep into my spiritual journey committed to making my mindset very strong, I script a lot at the beginning of the month to set intentions for the month - this takes maybe 5-10 mins.

I have recently been meditating much more. I try at least 10-15 mins a day. I visualise when I can and when I remember to do so, it is something I like to mix into my meditation so I can hit 2 birds with 1 stone.

I do my affirmations every single day with my affirmation cards and I NEVER skip this one. Affirmations are key to rewiring my brain away from what I have been taught my whole life which holds me back from living my best life.

Overall, I would say on an average day I spend maybe 20 mins - 30 mins in the mindset gym. On days I don't feel so happy or need a pick me up it can be up to 2 hours. I do anything I can to feel good again!

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